Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Counting down the weeks......

Training for the Arizona Trail Race has begun in earnest, I'm five weeks in and the load is starting to get bigger. I doubt I'll be doing CTR or any other out of state race this year, I want to take the time come spring to finalize the California Sierra Trail Race,1732.0.html and probably do an inaugural run in July or August.

I have actually been looking forward to the harder portions of the training blocks which makes doing monster afterwork rides a bit easier. I suppose it would be a lot easier if I had a desk job, recovery would certainly be a breeze, but such is not my life.

Work has picked up and I find myself trying to make work and training compatible. Yesterday was perfect example of how not to do it. I was on the job at 6:30 and worked for a solid 9 hours digging and setting some vinyl fence posts for a large job I have going on right now. I busted ass home to jump on the road bike for a 2-1/2 ride with an hours worth of zone 4 intervals( approx 167-176 BPM for me). The results for me were this, I ran the dog around the neighborhood for the first 20 minutes and then proceeded to bust out a 45 mile 4500' evening in 2 hours and 13 minutes :

Zone 4 intervals on Mosquito ridge by seanallan at Garmin Connect - Details

Not a huge deal, but 45 miles and 4500' of climbing in a couple of hours is a tough afterwork ride which will be followed up by the same thing today, Oh after I bust my ass all day again. Good thing I love my job and love to be outside doing it. Can't wait for Arizona, hopefully I can keep myself healthy and avoid the "Big One"( the big crash that is) this year that has plagued me the past few years.

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