Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tick, Tick, Tick.......
It's been a while since I've been out for a long one, this is all relative I've come to find as today's ride would have been merely a blip in last years training. Today was my first ride of over 4 hours since the 24 hours of Gold, for those keeping score that was in Oct! It's been pissing down rain and cold for the last 2 months, but today was a welcome reprieve, 65 degrees outside meant short sleeves and no leg warmers, woohoo!

I've been in a bit of a funk lately, not wanting to ride my bike much and thinking of all the stuff I need to do while I'm on my bike, not a good combo. I've managed to put some time in on the trainer, but I loath that thing sometimes, too many dark winter nights training for Old Pueblo have likely scarred me forever. Today was different though and hopefully a sign of things to come. I've also not had much time to maintain the fleet, I was greeted this morning with a loud and obnoxious ticking sound emanating from the bottom bracket, tick, tick, tick was the theme of the day.

The view out to the Crystal Range, lots of snow out there!

Got a late start, we have a new addition to our family, a very white dog in a very red dirt environment meant Sasha's first bath was this morning. Took her out for a quick spin on the bike and headed off for some suffering.
The ride was up to town and then on to Gorman Ranch and the Western States Trail. Everything was in great shape, just a little muddy in some places. The face flies were out in force in the newly found sunshine!
Volcano Creek was running pretty good, it doesn't look like it, but that was up past my knees, and COLD!
Sweet Western States single track
After a quick run down Western States I made a stop at the Valero for some chocolate milk(small, no diabetic comas!) and peanuts. On my way up to Yankee Jims I passed Skip coming back from Gorman Ranch on his cross bike, we must have just missed each other. Sat around for a half an hour and BSed. Yankee Jims was in great shape as always, waterfalls were running and the moss was in full bloom.

My New Years resolution is to find out the name of this waterfall, pictures don't do it justice.

This is such a wonderful spot, I always take a minute to appreciate it.
The wondrous North Fork of the American River
The climb up to Colfax was quite nice, very warm and the county has been out, a freshly graded road was the result of their efforts. The kayakers were out in force returning from their shuttle runs downriver, they were respectful of the small dirt road as usual. I didn't take any pics on the Ponderosa climb, I was in full suffer mode and needing to get home, the constant ticking of my bottom bracket helped break the monotony of the 1,500' fireroad climb. Finally the suffering stopped as I hit the pavement and more forgiving grade of Foresthill Rd. Came around the corner going home and caught Mary and Sasha out for a little jog, both were excited to see me! 50 miles, 7,500' of climbing in 4:30 adds up to an excellent day all around.

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